Morgana: Google Maps Integration for Zenoss

Morgana provides for Google Maps integration in the Zenoss network monitoring system.

Morgana screenshot with some tens of locations


With Morgana you can associate geographic positioning information (pairs latitude/longitude) to Zenoss locations; we call locations with such information available geolocations. When browsing Zenoss devices using the Locations organizer (the "Browse By > Locations" link in the web user interface) you will see a Google Map showing all geolocations.

The map will be centered on the geolocations rooted at the current path of the location tree, and other geolocations will be shown as idle geolocations (currently as a white pushpin). Active (i.e. not idle) geolocations will be shown as pushpins with various color, depending on the amount and gravity of errors that Zenoss knows about them.

Clicking on a pushpin you will be able to jump to the corresponding Zenoss location and to do managements tasks such as removing geographic information for the geolocation.

Morgana helps you in adding geographic information to your locations: you can right click everywhere on a map and choose from a drop down menu which location you want to be geolocated there. Alternatively, you can write an address in the Search Address form; the address will be searched, and you will be then able to set a location as placed in the found place.


Morgana comes as a ZenPack for Zenoss Core, and is free software (distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL license, version 3 or above). You can get the latest Morgana ZenPack from the list below:

Alternatively, we also ship an integrated installer of Zenoss (latest 2.0.x series) and the Morgana ZenPack. You can get it from the list below. Follow the usual Zenoss installation instruction from sources to install the bundle.


In order to install Morgana you will just need to download the latest archive of Morgana from the list above and run as the Zenoss user zenpack --install where x.y.z is the version of the donwloaded zenpack file.

Open your Zenoss web interface and browse devices by Location ("Browse By > Locations" link on the left side of zenoss page). Set your registered google key (follow the link in showed instructions, if you haven't any key).

Right-click on the map to associate Zenoss' Locations with google maps locations.


In order to uninstall Morgana run as Zenoss userzenpack --remove Morgana (it's case sensitive)

In order to check if morgana (or any other zenpack) is installed, run as Zenoss userzenpack --list


If you have questions about Morgana feel free to post to the NMS-Common mailing list.